Banger: A Dog and My Cousin

In England we colloquially refer to dachshunds as “sausage dogs”, which was why my aunt and uncle’s dog was called Banger, a colloquial term for sausage. We were very close and he used to whine at the door when we went back home after a visit. He was terribly spoiled and my aunt and uncle… Continue reading Banger: A Dog and My Cousin


This was written such a long time ago. I was so very unhappy for much of my childhood and teenage years. Sometimes it pains me to read some of these poems, but I still want to share them because I believe that sometimes people can identify with certain aspects of them. So close together So… Continue reading Unrequited

A Selection of My Earliest Poems (at Age 7)

From an early age, I felt the need to rhyme things – I think poetry is in my blood as my great-uncle Harry also enjoyed writing poems and many of my family have or had a way with words. My mother worked as a secretary and I remember asking her to type out these poems… Continue reading A Selection of My Earliest Poems (at Age 7)

Two Marriage Poems

There are times when I have thought I could have had an alternate career in writing messages for greetings cards. Because I was the “family poet”, my family became pretty much accustomed to me writing things for each of them. I’ve written obituaries, birthday poems and marriage poems and wedding speeches. Here are just two… Continue reading Two Marriage Poems