No Expectations

If you let go of all expectations, the world will come to you and its potential will unfold like the beauty of a lotus flower.


Sometimes your life will fall apart Shattered dreams, a broken heart It might seem as if the end has come You’re jacking things in You’re well and truly done But from those depths of despair Will rise a phoenix with flaming hair And from the fire she’s gasping for air But she’s survived and she’s… Continue reading Reincarnation

True Acceptance

On your journey through life People will want to change you To criticize and rearrange you If you’re at peace with who you are You’ll never cease to shine Like a courageous star Only you know what’s inside Though sometimes you want to run and hide Fly that freak flag proudly You mightn’t fit their… Continue reading True Acceptance

Playing The Princess

If you live life thinking people should earn your trust It might be your own attitude you need to adjust People won’t go through life catering for you Even if you wish this weren’t true It takes two a friendship to make But only one a friendship to break Think before you speak Look before… Continue reading Playing The Princess