This was written such a long time ago. I was so very unhappy for much of my childhood and teenage years. Sometimes it pains me to read some of these poems, but I still want to share them because I believe that sometimes people can identify with certain aspects of them.

So close together
So far apart
Binded forever
By love of the heart

I could never really tell you
Just how I felt
All this love just hurt too much
My heart began to melt

Every time I saw your face
It was your big brown eyes
Every time I heard your voice
It made me want to cry

For I know
That soon I must
Depart from you and your home
I was trapped
And forced to go back
To a life you’d never known

I am in the city
Where industry is rife
I am so unhappy
At times I want to take my life

My happiness is freedom
My sadness is solitude
My life within this country
Is simply one great feud

You really understood me
And who I was inside
I wasn’t just a pretty girl
To be taken for a ride

Someday I’ll go back
We’ll no longer be apart
Perhaps you didn’t love me
But you’re always in my heart

I don’t know what you want to do
Or what you want to be
But no matter what you decide
I want you to be free

Freedom is precious
A thing that’s hard to find
Perchance this hidden quality
Is only in the mind

By Sarah Downing

My name is Sarah. I was born and grew up in England and currently live in Düsseldorf, Germany, with my fiancé Corey and my cuddly cat Biscuit. I work as a translator and writer for my own company Aardwolf Text Services (www.aardwolf.de) and I love vintage clothes and music, as well as singing karaoke.

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