13 August 2011 ~ 13 Comments

Big Boobs, You are Beautiful (Busty Confessions and Titillating Tips)

Today, I’m going to write about a topic that’s close to my heart – namely that of “the girls”, tits, boobs, or whatever name you personally like to call them. I apologise in advance if these slang terms cause any offence – as the cunning linguist that I am (yes, we translators really do jokingly […]

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16 February 2011 ~ 16 Comments

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum and his Multi-Pronged Treatment Strategy for CFS, Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Disease (Part 1)

I first heard about Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, the specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalitis (CFS/ME), fibromyalgia and thyroid disease, through Mary Shomon’s website. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and began doing my research, it soon became clear to me how important it is to use high-quality supplements when you have thyroid disease or […]

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14 February 2011 ~ 11 Comments

Sassy Style Talk With AJ: Stop The Presses. Help for Tresses, by Anita Roberts

Every morning I wake and stumble into the bathroom only to be confronted by one of my greatest frustrations.  My hair.  Just the thought of facing my follicles is anxiety inducing.  I have thyroid disease.  A notorious stressor of tresses.  I also have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and take medication to control my immune system.  Plaquenil […]

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13 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The Faces of Thyroid Disease, A Photo Collage: Please Submit Your Pics by 31 January

In honour of Thyroid Awareness Month we’d like to create a collage of patients’ pictures to show people the real faces of thyroid disease. If you are interested in being featured in the collage, please send a photo to sarah@sarahjdowning.com by 31 January. The finished product will be featured on www.sarahjdowning.com and, as ever, your […]

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11 January 2011 ~ 25 Comments

Donna Anderson Terlecki: Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Thyroid Disease Patient, Eager To Spread Awareness and Advocacy

This is part 2 in our series of articles from guest writers on what awareness means to them in honour of Thyroid Awareness Month. If anyone would like to contribute their own article on this topic, I would be happy to publish it. At the age of 44 I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer. […]

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