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29 June 2012 ~ 12 Comments

Karmic Hangovers and Chronic Ignorance

Tonight, we went out in New York and as usual we were unable to get a taxi cab, and even the cabs we managed to flag down were snobby about what fares they wanted to accept. As a last resort, we ended up taking the PATH train back to Hoboken and a taxi from there, […]

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05 June 2012 ~ 24 Comments

Interview with the Initiators of the Petition “Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care”

In May 2012, thyroid patient Michelle Teresa was sick and tired of suffering and watching the suffering of others, so decided to do something about it by launching a thyroid petition in the hope that it would bring about change for thyroid patients and attract the attention of the medical community.  A little later, fellow […]

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