02 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments


Abenteuerlust is my word for today A thirst for adventure come what may Who knows what the future brings What unexpected and exciting things Optimism is the key Because you never know what will be.    

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03 October 2011 ~ 10 Comments

Devastation of Cancer, by Dianna Y Bailey (pen name Yvette)

Today, I’m publishing a poem by my talented friend Dianna Bailey. I asked Dianna to write a bit about her background with chronic illness and how she came to this point. She feels she is still searching for her purpose in life, but believes that it is to help others get through things and understand […]

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04 August 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Silver Lining

Hold out hope at the end of your rope Life takes its twists and turns Vicissitudes and crazy moods Sometimes we crash and burn But from these things we learn Anger and sadness; unexpected gladness Grey clouds fly away And make room for a beautiful day. (04/08/2011)

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04 March 2011 ~ 8 Comments

Doubting Thomas

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the fluctuation of my thyroid levels. Since going off the pill, my thyroid levels have plummeted and I was told it would take three to six months for my hormones to adjust. Because I have been continuously on the pill for 15 years, I seriously doubt tapering off […]

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20 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

The Trenches

One of the projects I enjoyed most at school (at about age 16) was writing about World War I. I always did have a passion for history and still do. A soldier’s private hell Of mud and damp and rot Corpses – oh, the smell! It’s sticky and humid and hot The mud is drowning […]

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