15 April 2011 ~ 10 Comments

Entering Spring with a Spring in Your Step or How to Banish the Springtime Blues

Today, I’d like to write about something that might be dubbed a distinctly Germanic concept: my old friend Frühjahrsmüdigkeit, which translates to “spring tiredness”. Whilst the rest of the world gushes about spring fever and looks forward to the advent of spring, a new lease of life and new beginnings, according to one article about […]

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26 November 2010 ~ 4 Comments

FWBW 5: Brightening Up Your Thyroid’s SAD Day

http://dearthyroid.org/flying-with-broken-wings-brightening-up-your-thyroids-sad-day/ In my mid-twenties, or perhaps even before then, I began to feel the urge to hibernate every winter. It seemed that I was never a morning person during the rest of the year, but in winter it got particularly bad. I was very sensitive to the change in seasons and I attributed my extra […]

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