20 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

A Witch

A witch, a witch has a broom and a wand
And of her cat she is fond!

She does magic everyday
And everything she does is the witch’s way

Every night she flies by the moon
Cleverly balancing on her broom

Right behind her sits her cat
With yellow eyes and fur so black

A witch, a witch she has a cloak
She’s very unlike ordinary folk

In her brain are loads of spells
What she’s thinking no one can tell

Some witches can be bad or they can be good
Keep out of their way when they’re in a mood

A witch, a witch she wears a hat
Her magic can vary – white or black

“Today”, said the witch. “For my food today
I’ll have worm spaghetti and batwing stew
That is what I’ll do.
That is what I’ll do”

“Tomorrow, for tomorrow
The first thing I see
A big black beetle that crawls up to me

“The day after that I’ll have my black cat
And the day after that I’ll have you!”
(with green slimy gravy!)

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