A few years ago, I spent most of my days working on my laptop at Starbucks. It was my way of combining business (translation) with pleasure. At the time, I knew practically all the baristas so it almost felt like I was a character in Cheers! I believe I wrote this poem to win a coffee press. In fact, I was the only entrant:-)

What does coffee mean to me?
Coffee is community
Every day I sit and dream
Of caramel macchiato or a frap with cream
I sip my beverage and watch the people go by
Starbucks inspires me
And that’s no lie
Here I combine business with pleasure
And enjoy my drink
Whatever the weather
Listen to the music
Nestle in the comfy chairs
Talk to my friends
And drink away my cares

By Sarah Downing

My name is Sarah. I was born and grew up in England and currently live in Düsseldorf, Germany, with my fiancé Corey and my cuddly cat Biscuit. I work as a translator and writer for my own company Aardwolf Text Services ( and I love vintage clothes and music, as well as singing karaoke.

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