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Rash and his column “Ask Rash”

“Ask Rash” is a regular opportunity for you to submit your questions to Nurse Practitioner Rash on thyroid disease and other health issues. Please let me know which topics you’d like Rash to cover and he’ll be happy to go into more detail about them. Email me at:

Hi. My name is Rash. I was born in England and lived there for 26 years. I completed my nurse training in Eastbourne, England. When I moved here to the USA, I became a travel nurse and worked in over 30 hospitals in six different states. I also joined the US Military and deployed to Iraq for one year as a charge nurse in the Emergency Trauma room and ICU. I completed my nurse practitioner training at the University of Alabama and ranked 11th in the country. I also have a sub-speciality in cardiology. My philosophy is simple: see every person as an individual, treating not only the medical illness but the whole individual in a humanistic way combining both traditional and complementary medicine.

Anita and her column “Sassy Style Talk with AJ”

My name is Anita. I’m from the US, but have traveled and lived all over the world. My background and education is largely in graphic design and writing, but on a whim in my 20s I also attended cosmetology school. Then I went back to art and design. I guess you can’t escape who you are!

I am an outgoing, happy-go-lucky adventurer with an edge. I love life, people, travel and slightly off-the-wall experiences. I’m the girl who wakes up and suggests we all go swimming with sharks or a trek to Disneyland on a Wednesday morning.

I have a number of autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses, and spend a lot of mental energy managing these things. In the process I’ve learned quite a few things, have achieved some very positive results and look forward to sharing these with people.

I also love beauty, cosmetics and fashion ANYthing! This may sound superficial, but I believe it all ties in to overall wellness and happiness. I believe strongly that feeling good about yourself gives you a whole body boost. Striving to look your best, feel your best, age gracefully, be as strong and healthy as you can for your situation – these things push us towards achieving that state. The desire to be vibrant, joyful, and attractive serves to allow us to manifest these very things. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle and one that should be on everybody’s agenda. It’s about focus and feeling and looking fabulous. And we most certainly are fabulous!

Cindy and her column “The Divining Dragonfly”

My name is Cindy and I live in Massachusetts with my five-year-old son, my husband of nine years and our yellow Labrador Tucker.

I have a degree in Liberal Arts and Health Education and many certifications in nutrition, health and fitness. I have had many professions since I feel the need to change and do something else once I master something.

Creativity runs through my veins – whenever it escapes me, it finds its way back into my arms. Among other things my passions include writing, singing, music and drawing.  When I became injured as a result of a fall during my job as a preschool teacher, I was inspired to begin making awareness jewelry to stop myself from going crazy due to my forced inactivity.

Despite a very challenging childhood and life, I am a very happy-go-lucky person. Anyone that knows me remembers my smile. People pleasing and multi-tasking are my strengths. Trying too hard to be supermom, an attentive wife and a perfectionist are my weaknesses. I embrace all of my qualities by loving who I am, but it took me 42 years to get there.

I joke around that I am a medical disaster mentally and physically. I eat and live an extremely healthy life. However, none of that matters much since I have had and still have many different illnesses including multiple hormone imbalances, endometriosis, Bipolar II Disorder and chronic pain. My little boy also has autism.

I have a lot to say and would like to encourage, inspire, and give others hope through my column “The Divining Dragonfly”. I identify with the Japanese symbolization of the dragonfly which denotes strength, happiness and courage.

I have had to endure a lot of pain mentally and physically throughout my lifetime. These past experiences have given me the STRENGTH to overcome the many obstacles I have faced, HAPPINESS by turning my negative emotions into joyful and positive emotions, COURAGE I earned through all of the fears, pain and difficult times I had to fight. The dragonfly is also symbolic of the handmade awareness jewelry I create.


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