27 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

True Acceptance

On your journey through life
People will want to change you
To criticize and rearrange you
If you’re at peace with who you are
You’ll never cease to shine
Like a courageous star
Only you know what’s inside
Though sometimes you want to run and hide
Fly that freak flag proudly
You mightn’t fit their mold
But what you have to offer is worth more than gold
Know and accept who you want to be
For there are things others cannot see
Don’t shy away from introspection
Though sometimes it’s for your own protection
Seeing things for what they are
Is a gift that will take you far
Don’t be a square peg in a round hole
If you are, you will lose your soul
Accept the real you
Look yourself in the eye
Only then will you learn to fly.

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