Sweet Obsessions

Chocolate and wine
Together divine
How do I know when to draw the line?
Yesterday, I ate way too much ice cream
But it tasted such a dream!
The festive season is wrecking my diet
If I don’t want a lecture
I better keep quiet
‘Tis the season to indulge
But in New Year
It’s the battle of the bulge:-).
Peppermint bark
What a lark!
Delish whether milk, white or dark
Chocolate’s another one of my obsessions
These are my sweet and shameful confessions!;-).

By Sarah Downing

My name is Sarah. I was born and grew up in England and currently live in Düsseldorf, Germany, with my fiancé Corey and my cuddly cat Biscuit. I work as a translator and writer for my own company Aardwolf Text Services (www.aardwolf.de) and I love vintage clothes and music, as well as singing karaoke.

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