28 November 2011 ~ 6 Comments

Dastardly Doctors and Fighting The Good Fight

My husband returned from seeing a liver specialist today who shouted at him and told him off for not taking the full dose of his meds because it hasn’t always been practical to take three a day, even though his levels are now excellent. It was this – as well as countless other experiences with bad doctors – that inspired this poem.

I enter the doctor’s office frustrated and sad

My health condition is driving me mad

Some don’t understand what it’s like to be sick

To come across as if you were thick

Doctor odysseys from place to place

Never giving up hope, but hoping they’ll take your case

Too many don’t listen, are too quick to judge

Treat a grown man like a child

On their opinions they won’t budge

They act like the Almighty

But they are fallible too

Don’t always take responsibility

For the bad things that they do

Some give us back our lives

Some hold us ransom

The price we pay is often handsome

I wonder why some choose the helping profession

When their manner lacks respect

And unpleasantness is their confession

Do they really give a care

And are they well and truly aware

How many patients suffer at their hands

Across the world and across many lands?

But now there is you, you, you and me

And we’re fighting the fight of patient advocacy

Raising awareness for proper care

And what needs to be done for us to get there

We’re in this together with the doctors who do care

Do their best and are aware

Since the dawn of the Internet

Support groups have bloomed

And many of us no longer feel doomed

We’ve learned to take responsibility for our own health

Because we need to take care of ourselves

Doctors are our partners, but they can’t always get us well

Or extricate us from our own personal hell

We need to be active, we must be proactive

And with others to support us

This option seems more attractive

None of us need ever feel alone

We connect with others from our own home

Doctors expect patient compliance

But there’s also a danger of overreliance

Today’s patients can think for themselves

And that is quite vital to regain our health.

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