03 March 2011 ~ 8 Comments

The Scatter-brained Butterfly

When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I remember one of my first thoughts being “I so wish I was hyperthyroid!” Being able to eat as much as you like without gaining weight and being full of energy (or so I thought at the time) seemed like a dream. Now I know that it’s not that simple. There is no standard list of symptoms because everyone’s an individual and furthermore there are people who are hyper who actually gain weight.

Hyper does not really mean that you are full of energy – it’s a weird kind of restless energy and of course it is often accompanied by all kinds of horrible symptoms such as diarrhoea, insomnia and bulging eyes or exophthalmos. I don’t write that much about hyperthyroidism as I don’t have that much experience with it, but I decided to write a bit about it today because my recent hormonal fluctuations inspired me to write this poem. I’d love to hear your feedback on what it means to you to be hyperthyroid as opposed to hypothyroid – how does it make you feel and what would you like to share with others who aren’t as familiar with this side of the thyroid spectrum?

My thyroid’s in a state of flux
This situation really sucks
Hypo means I sleep all day
Wasting all my life away
Hyper means I’m constantly tired
But in a strange way I’m still wired
People think that hyper’s a dream
But that’s not really what it means
My quest for equilibrium
To find a happy medium
Good health
Before I can find my way back to myself

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