This one goes out to all those little shits who made my life a misery throughout my entire school years. I wrote it when I was nine or 10.

Bullies are cowards
That’s usually the case
Too scared to see people face to face

The way they are treated
They blame others
Blaming sisters
Blaming brothers

Bullying in the playground
And bullying in class
Bullying in the underpass

A bully is a person
Breaking up lives
Taking over people’s minds

Bullies have no life
Of their own
And from their bullying this is shown

By Sarah Downing

My name is Sarah. I was born and grew up in England and currently live in Düsseldorf, Germany, with my fiancé Corey and my cuddly cat Biscuit. I work as a translator and writer for my own company Aardwolf Text Services (www.aardwolf.de) and I love vintage clothes and music, as well as singing karaoke.

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